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USofAmade.com has been rededicated, to the memory of the late Vic Edelbrock, Jr., who died on June 9, 2017, at eighty years of age. Mr. Edelbrock was the inspiration for our online directory, of American made products and even its name. We are proud to tell his story and at the same time, we are sorry that we never got the chance to thank him personally, for his patriotism, inspiring example and creating jobs for American workers.

Mr. Edelbrock took over the Edelbrock Power and Speed Equipment Company, upon the Death of his father, Vic, Sr., in 1962. Vic, Sr. was an automotive genius, talented machinist, dry lakes speed record holder and midget auto racer. He designed and built performance parts for the engines of his day, especially the flathead Ford V8. When Vic, Sr. died, he left his twenty-seven-year-old son a small automotive parts design and manufacturing company, ten employees and some mighty big shoes to fill.

Vic, Jr. had worked, in the shop, with his father since the age of twelve and on top of that experience, he added a business degree from the University of Southern California. He designed intake manifolds and heads for the small block Chevrolet engines that were the best performers on the market. Everything 
fell in place and he grew the company by offering the highest quality products, cutting-edge automotive technology, reasonable prices and solid business principles with every product being American made.

 Today Edelbrock, LLC has facilities, with half a million square feet under roof and over 700 employees. As Vic was always proud to say, of his company’s products
,: They are all - “Made in the U.S. of A.”
Thanks and rest in peace, Vic.