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How to Use

How to Use

Think of as a consumer guide for American made products. We are a directory, not a ratings service. We can help you find U.S. makers of American apparel, for instance but you must find out which suits you best.
You just look up the product under a common classification, for that product. American apparel, such as shirts, would be found under CLOTHING on page CHE - CLU. There may be several sub-categories to look into, such as (ADULT) or (INFANTS & CHILDREN). You will find a list of American made products and the companies making them.
Use this consumer guide to get background info on what brands to target when purchasing at the store or use it to find American made products that are sold online. Some companies have chosen to make your search easier and offer hot links directly to their website.
As much as 60% of all jobs in America are provided by small businesses all across the U.S.of A. Many of these companies are so small that they will never be seen in your favorite stores. So is their showroom to the folks interested in buying American made products.
Some companies try to fool customers into believing they make their products in the U.S., employing American workers. If we can be fooled, so can you. If a company is called The American Widget Co.; American Made Widgets, Inc. or uses phrases like American engineered, even wrapping their site in Old Glory, they are saying NOTHING about where their product was actually made.
There are many distributors, who have special sections of American made only goods - the link we provide sends you to that section only. For companies making or selling a majority of American made products the link goes to their main store.
We read through their companies' websites, looking for any verification that they are as American as they say they are.
We call them and ask others about them, all so you don't have to. Did we get it right every time, probably not, but with your help we will provide the cleanest list of American manufactured goods available anywhere. If we missed some American-made, non-food item, which you think we should know about, just click the word SUBMISSIONS anywhere on this site and let us know.
Whether American apparel or widgets our consumer guide and internet directory is here to help you find the items you seek among American made products. Buy American.