Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site all about?

Ans. - USof Amade.com is an online directory of American products and the companies, employing Americans, making those products.

What does it cost to be in this directory?

Ans. - There is no cost. Attention American companies! If you employ Americans, to make a product, here in the U.S., we will be very happy to give you a FREE listing.

I have a home-based business, employing only me. Do I qualify to get a FREE listing here?

Ans. - 
If your company employs U.S. citizens to produce a product in the U.S.of A.; if you have some sort of web presence and your product is available, for sale anywhere in the contiguous 48 states you qualify for a FREE listing on USofAmade.com. 

How can I possibly compete with a company in the same category, that has 100 times my production?

Ans. - If you look at all the listings, for your competition, you will easily see that nothing about their listing is any different than yours. They can't get bigger, bolder or different colored print, in order to stand out. They don't get to use their logo in the listings and they can't buy top of the list. Placing an ad or creating a hot link, to their website, at a cost, is the only possible advantage they can have. 

Why are some links hot and some not?

Ans. - This directory is meant to promote American companies and products, with the aim of employing Americans. There is no charge for a company to be listed and we want to list as many as possible, but some companies are not satisfied with a free listing and prefer that they also be represented by a hot link or a graphic link (ad), either or both of which we do for a very budget-friendly, nominal, monthly fee. 

What costs are associated with this site?

Ans. - The concept of USof Amade.com is simple. We list American companies, even the smaller, less well known ones, for FREE. A small business website, with a paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) program can be cripplingly expensive, for most business people.
But the USofAmade.com site acts as a directory and benefits ALL its listed companies. Granted, there are hosting and maintenance expenses to be paid, but SEO is a biggy and bandwidth isn't free either. The idea is that as USofAmade.com becomes better known and listed ever higher, in page rankings, all its listed companies rise too. We do the SEO and promotion, for you.

How do I enhance my business on this site?

Ans. - There are two ways to have an enhanced listing
1) Through a professionally regulated affiliate program, where you allow USof Amade.com to earn a commission from referred sales (must be approved and very limited in number)
2) Through paying a low monthly fee, to have a hot link to your site and/or to have your full color, graphic ad carried on our site. This generally means that your ad, which is posted on the page of your choosing, in a first come, first listed basis. Width is fixed at 250 pixels, while height varies from 125 pixels to 500 pixels.

How much would the monthly fee cost me?

Ans. - A monthly ad fee of $18 is all we ask, but you get to place your 250 X 125 pixel graphic ad on any listing page, to help draw attention.  A six month listing costs you for five months ($90) and an advanced payment for 9 months ($162) gets your ad carried for one full year. That's 1 to 3 months, FOR FREE. Graphic ads can be up to 250px wide by 500px high and cost more. A hot link, between your listing and your website is only $13 for 1 month/$65 for 6 months/$117 for a full year.

What if I wanted to test the waters concerning enhancement? Is that possible?

Ans. -
Of course. You can pay as you go for one month or as long as you wish. If you decide to go for longer than five months, just pay in advance and you can get six months for the price of five or 12 months for the price of 9. It just doesn't get any more reasonable than that. We are set up to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Do you plan any site beautification?

Ans. - Recently our site was likened to a mud fence (that seems to mean unattractive). We prefer to spend money on promotion that benefits our listed companies, with the goal to promote this site around the world. We not only want Americans buying American, why not the rest of the world also? Eventually the site will look a little better, but for now, our priority is helping American companies to sell their products and helping customers to find them.

How do I make a payment?

Ans. - If you don't wish to use a debit or credit card, on our Advertising page use Submissions to send us a message as to your intent, then we will send you any needed instructions. For your safety, as well as ours, we currently use Paypal exclusively, for electronic transfer of funds.  

Or -

Write a check, payable to: TYC Enterprises, Inc. and send it to -

TYC Enterprises, Inc.
1055 Country Club Drive, Ste. 408
Margate, FL 33063

Be sure to put your company name and product category in the memo section of your check.

Upgrades are made ASAP.

Our company produces several brands, each with their own site. Can each brand get a free listing?

Ans. - No. Each company is allowed one free listing, so any extra listings must all be American manufacturers and have paid hot links.

Are you planning to allow graphic ads?

Ans. - Graphic ads are here and at a cost of $18/ month, $90/6 months and $162/12 months (for 250px X 125px) they are a real bargain. Graphic ads appear to the right of the listings, reserved for that purpose, on the listing page of your choosing, as space allows, giving you two, or more, shots at the prospect's attention. Ad size can be no larger than 500px high and 250px wide.

My listing was put at the bottom of the list, under my category. Why?

Ans. - In the effort to be as fair as possible, no company is treated any differently than any other. The latest addition to a list always goes at the bottom. Your listing length is limited but may allow you to add text.

I have a company in Florida, since your company (TYC Enterprises, Inc.) is also in Florida must I pay taxes when I take out an ad?

Ans. - No. In an effort to level the playing field, no companies, from any state, will pay anything additionally to be listed on USof Amade.com. In the case of Florida companies, we will pay the sales taxes. See FLORIDA GETS A BREAK

When my company was first listed I was told that I could add text to my listing. What is the procedure?

Ans. - That is correct, but there are some restrictions. All listings are approximately 84 characters long (including spaces) in a 16pt. Arial typeface. The company name and URL MUST stay in that typeface and size. All the room between them is yours to use in Arial typeface, but you may use it in a smaller point size if needed. This is where you want your keywords, product names or descriptions to go. No color change, inappropriate language or graphics may be used and we will do the editing and publishing.

How do you guys help my small business get noticed?

Ans. - As a directory, we are constantly searching out and submitting ourselves to other directories, websites and search engines, worldwide. We are also resubmitted to the search engines at their particular intervals. We have a few boards on Pinterest, where we constantly showcase those companies, in our listings, and we make ever-increasing use of other social media as well.