Florida Gets a Break
Maintaining a Level Playing Field for Florida Corporations

Maintaining a Level Playing Field for Florida Corporations

Our company (TYC Enterprises, Inc.) is a Florida corporation and is required to collect a sales tax, when selling to other Florida corporations. We feel that this can serve only to disestablish an otherwise level playing field and not give many American products, from Florida, their just exposure.

US made goods are what USofAmade.com is all about, no matter what state or how small or large the company they come from. Florida corporations deserve their day in the sun also (no pun intended). By charging tax on top of any other fees (these are only for ad enhancement), we feel that we are not being as helpful as we would like.

After all, every state produces American products. Why should any one of them be obligated to pay more, through taxes, than any other, just because of their location. That just wouldn’t be the level playing field, for US made goods, that we envisioned.

We really want every state and every industry to be on this site. We do restrict our directory to American Products, in order to promote job creation and the purchase of US made goods. We wish no ill to any other country, but firmly believe that charity, ethics and business should begin at home.

To promote Florida corporations, on an equal footing with those from other states, TYC Enterprises has taken on the responsibility of paying the sales taxes due from our sales to other Florida businesses who might want to enhance their listings. We are maintaining a level playing field, without an added burden, to any company producing American products, in Florida.