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American made products creating American jobs for American people

American made products creating American jobs for American people is what this site is all about. Government does not create jobs and is only in a position to help or hinder job growth. There is no secret that in recent years our government has crippled and reversed American job growth and sown instability throughout the business community. This has led to hiring timidity, cutting hours and even staff layoffs, making things worse throughout the U.S. economy.

We at felt that the world and especially many American people were unaware of the high quality, limitless capabilities and amazing variety of American made products.
We hope that will help rectify that disconnect. Here we unveil our modest attempt to let the whole world and the American people know that they have no reason to avoid any American made products and that nearly everything, they want is made right here.

We have attempted to weed out a majority of foreign made goods mixed in with a smattering of American made products that many companies offer. We have attempted to avoid simply believing that a company named American Widgets actually sold American made widgets. We search their sites and interview them to find out for sure.

We have made no attempt, Dear Reader, to judge the quality of these products (Consumer Reports does a great job of that), instead we provide a list of companies in each category or subcategory to give you a base to select from. That being said, American made products consistently rank higher, in quality, than most imports in their category.

Although we try very hard, we are fallible and some bogus companies will slip through; then we expect to hear from you. Together we will make a fantastic resource for those American people interested in preserving American jobs by buying American made products.
[Articles by Thom Gorman]